Warm welcome to all the students aspiring for admission in KA College, Firozabad.

Education is the vital instrument for the development of all human being. In the modern times, it is felt that education should have its preparatory value to enable individual to earn his livelihood or to make both ends meet in order to live happily and successfully. Education finds its real meaning and value when its aim is character building. Character leads a path to the nation building. The aim of education is also to help the individual to enherit rich cultural heritage of past to preserve and enrich it through activities and transmit it to rising generation in a fruitful and meaningful way. Education refers to harmonious development of physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, moral and aesthetic sides of human personality.

Why Choose Us

S.R.K. P.G. College, Firozabad is one of the prominent institutions of western U.P. in higher education which excel in the field of Art, Commerce, management, information technology and education. This college is largely attributed to the sincere execution of its mission to align itself with the changing environment. While maintaining focus on social responsiveness, since its inception our college has been providing value added quality education to generation of students who have reached pinnacle of success in their chosen fields. We encourage our students to widen their horizons and keep pace with changing times. The college has been constantly endeavouring to empower students to take on future challenges through expression, efficient teaching, discipline, diligence, inculcation of values and exposure to refinement.

I hope full trust in your enthusiasm, capabilities and potentialities. I wish you all success in your future endeavours.

Madanpal Singh
Email : drprai88@gmail.com