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Rules & Regulations

General Rules

The students are expected to maintain self-discipline and participate in academic and extracurricular activities so as to prove that lMIRC COLLEGE are responsible and disciplined global citizens. This must be demonstrated by lMIRC COLLEGE by way of Observing self-discipline, self-participation in extracurricular activities and independently organizing of functions and events of academic nature. This is aimed at making our students self-reliant and responsible citizens.

Entry to campus is allowed only on production of Identity Cards. The students must carry their identity Cards with them and produce before the authority/security staff; While entering the campus.

In case of loss of Identity Card, students must report to the nearest Police Station. A duplicate will be issued on payment of Rs.100/- Cost and on furnishing the copy or police report before the authority notified by the Director/Principal from time to time.

The students are required to maintain proper decorum and discipline as tomorrow they will be expected to be disciplined Executive/Professional/ Manager.

The students are expected to conduct themselves honorably and respectfully towards the Faculty, Administrative staff and the Guests.

lMIRC COLLEGE will not be liable for any financial transaction by the student with other students and/or other people.

Irregularities, if any, breach of rules and discipline are to be brought to the notice of the Director/Principal. All disciplinary action taken against the student by the Director/Principal will be final and binding on all concerned.

Communication, direct or indirect (within and outside the Campus) are to be routed through the lMIRC authorities.

Attendance & Punctuality

Expected attendance for qualifying to appear in the semester/yearly examination is 100 percent. Operationally, it should not be below 75 percent. However, it may be condoned by the Principal/Director with or without penalty subject to rules of the Approval Body/University. The decision in this regard of the Principal/Director is final.

The students are required to be present in the lecture room before the scheduled time of the session/period.

The students are not allowed to leave any lecture-session midway before the end of the session or any other academic activity except on grounds of ill health.

Absence for more than fifteen consecutive days shall be considered as an act of indiscipline and liable for strict action.

The students are expected to be punctual & regular in their lectures. Attendance in seminars/Workshops is again compulsory.

Participation in the curricular activities is mandatory.

In case of absence from assignments the students shall undertake additional assignments from the faculty.

Helping and supporting outsiders/students of other colleges to damage and spoil the environment and academic culture/climate of lMIRC COLLEGE will be considered as an act of indiscipline. This may invite severe pictorial action against the defaulter students. In lMIRC COLLEGE the complaints of the students are received and resolved through lMIRC COLLEGE Students Club. Therefore, any union/association of students is not required.

Celebration of Festivals of joy i.e., Holi, Deepawali, Id, X Mas, etc is permissible only in the open fields with decency and not allowed inside the class rooms and other premises.

Students are advised to use public transport for a safe and pollution free environment. Avoid using your own vehicles as Parking is at Owners Risk outside the campus.

College authority will not be responsible for theft/loss/damage to vehicles parked on the road.

In case a student is facing any problem such as Ragging, Eve Teasing, Black Mailing or harassment, he/she must immediately report the same to the college authority.

Complaint Box and Helpline Nos. can also be used by students for redressal of their grievances.


Any breach of the above rules would be viewed/seriously leading to suspension/termination from lMIRC COLLEGE.

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